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Mobility Monday

Mobility Monday: Week 3

We hope you have enjoyed the first two weeks of Mobility Monday. So far Matty has introduced you to some basic stretches that will help greatly with your overall mobility and help with specific problem areas. You should refer back to these stretches often as you identify tight areas. This week focuses more on warming […]

Mobility Monday

Mobility Monday: Week 2

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed week 1 and are keen to start adding some new exercises. If you have not seen week 1 we encourage you start there. Otherwise, here’s what Matty has for you this week: Workout: Upper Body Mobility Sleeper Stretch – 30 secs x 2-4 per sidePassive Hang – 60 secs […]

Junior Membership Program

We are happy to announce our new Junior Membership Program. This new program is designed to teach young athletes, between the ages of 13 – 18, how to train safely and effectively to reach their goals. As a member of the program young athletes will have access to guided and supervised workouts. The workout will be […]