Open Gym

Renfrew is a Strength and Conditioning gym focused on strength and athletic performance. We have all of the equipment you need to train in any of the major strength sports or to optimize your performance on the field, court or ice.


For Powerlifting we have racks, a monolift, competition benches, a variety of top quality power and specialty bars, tons of steel plates in both kgs and lbs and all the accessories you may need for your training style.

We have you Strong(wo)man competitors covered too. At Renfrew, we’ve got Yokes, Frames, Farmers, Kegs, Logs, Stones, Tires, Axel bars, a Car Deadlift frame.


If your goal is better performance on the field, court or ice, we’re the place for you to smash your goals. With all the equipment listed above plus conditioning equipment including Concept 2 bikes and rowers, Rogue echo bikes, you’ll have everything you need to get in your best shape during the offseason.

If the only competition you face is yourself, and you love working hard toward becoming the best you possible, we have you covered too. With all the tools listed above, and lots of room for HIIT training, we’re ready to help you achieve your non-competitive fitness goals.


If Olympic Weightlifting is your sport, we also have you covered with Eleiko training bars and plates, along with top quality platform space to work on your lifts. Renfrew is a Weightlifting Nova Scotia Registered Weightliftng Club.