20150404_104104Hi, I’m the Renfrew Strength spiderman and this is my blog. You may have seen me hanging around the gym. I’m usually someplace where I don’t get in the way and where I can see what is going on. I have a hard time getting around myself due to injuries sustained from be being buried under a large tire, but with the help of the Renfrew Strength staff I get to see most of what goes on in the gym.  I see many interesting things at Renfrew Strength + Conditioning Center, so I decided to start this blog to tell you a bit about what I see.

But first, I should tell you a bit about myself and why I spend all my time hanging out at the gym. I spent many years of my life buried under a large tire. One day I was rescued by the good folks at Renfrew High Performance Center (RHPC) when they found said tire and brought it to their gym. The RHPC was the predecessor to Renfrew Strength + Conditioning Center for those of you who don’t know. If you look around Renfrew Strength + Conditioning Center you can likely see some signs of the original RHPC (like me). I spent many years hanging around the RHPC, I saw many interesting things and learned lots about training the people who like to train hard. When the RHPC moved and became Renfrew Strength + Conditioning Center I decided to move with it (it’s pretty boring hangout in an empty garage).

So, that’s the short version of my how I came live at Renfrew Strength. If you look close you might spot me around the gym checking things out. If you do see me please don’t move me, I don’t trust just anyone to help me get around. Check back here regularly to hear what I have to say. And, you never know, you might be highlighted in one of my posts (if you’re working hard that is).