Building a Gym

Well, we’ve been opened for about a month now and things are starting to calm down a bit. We’ve been very busy getting things finalized with the setup of the gym itself and the business. While we still have lots we’d like to do, things are setup pretty much the way we want for now. It was lots of work (and some fun), but with the help of an amazing family and group of friends we got it done.


Renovations underway

We were unable to do much of anything while the renovations were being done to our space and that took most of August. The painter put on the finishing touch on Tuesday August 26th … and we planned to open on Tuesday September 2nd, it was going to be a busy week. The painter left at about 7pm and we were in right behind them with brooms and mops to clean the cement floor in preparation for laying the turf and rubber flooring the next day. Wednesday morning ended up being filled with errands and we didn’t get to the turf flooring until almost noon. This task also proved a little more difficult than (at least I) expected. But, we got it done and even got some of the rubber laid.

Installing Turf

Installing the turf

Once we got the turf and some of the rubber down we started moving weights and equipment from the RHPC (Mark’s Garage). By this time we were pretty tired, but we really want to see some of the equipment setup so, we put together a few pieces.

First Rack

First Rack

First Bike

First Bike

Thursday was a day for equipment. We lugged the rest of the equipment from the RHPC and put most everything together. It made for a long day but most things went pretty well. The exceptions being the Leg Press which was deceptively difficult (thanks Evan and Ashley) and the Lat Pulldown which we knew would be a challenge (thanks Mike and Joel). At the end of the day all the big stuff was put together and most of the equipment was moved.


Dumbbells ready for use

Friday and the rest of the long weekend was spent putting the finishing touches on everything. I couldn’t begin to tell you everything we did, by then the 12 hour days were running together. The one big thing that got done was the dressing room (paint, doors, trim, benches and more paint), thanks to Jennifer, Pam and Rod for that one. By Monday night we had everything together in time for the inaugural workout with the existing RHPC members.

First Workout

First workout

And, at long last, we did manage to open on Tuesday morning as originally planned … with only a few glitches 🙂

Finished Gym

Finished product … for now 🙂