The Covid-19 Rules

We have never been a gym that has been super strict on the rules, it has always been “Lift Heavy”, “Work Hard” and “Respect others and the gym”. Well, now that we are in the middle of a global pandemic, we guess we should buckle down on a few things … and if we don’t we won’t be allowed to reopen and stay that way. So here they are!

Limited Occupants

To help meet the social distancing guidelines released by our government and health organizations we will be limiting the number of people we allow in the gym at one time. For now that number will be 10 and as restrictions loosen we will increase that number.

Book your Workout

To help limit the number of people in the gym and ensure you don’t waste your time coming when the gym is full you will be required to book your workout time. Booking time will be done on our website. Workout time slots will be 2 hours. We ask that you only book times that you know you will be using and if you can’t make it please let us know.  Book your workout here.

Members Only

For the next little while we will not be accepting drop-ins. This is to ensure we have plenty of time slots available to our members so they can (hopefully) get the slots they need. Don’t worry, new members and punch passes are still welcome, so there are still lots of options. 

Sick? Stay Home

While this should not be considered a new rule, it is more important than ever to stay away if you are not feeling well. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or any other illness STAY HOME.

Wash Your Hands

When you arrive at the gym please wash your hands before starting your workout. We will also have some hand sanitizer available. NOTE: while we will try to keep lots of hand sanitizer we recommend you add it to your gym bag just in case, as you all know, it has been a hot item lately.

Social Distance

When at the gym please remember to keep your distance from others, at least 6 feet. You will notice that we have rearranged the gym a bit to provide more space between equipment. This required us to remove some equipment and use up all the open space with what remains. This means that some activities/exercises can no longer be done in the gym. For the time being sleds, carries, stones, tires and other similar activities are to be done outside only. 

Clean Equipment

Again, this should not be considered a new rule, but it is more important than ever to wipe down ALL the equipment you touch during your workout. We will provide a spray bottle and clean cloth to every member when you enter the gym for your workout.

No Lingering

While we love that you like to hangout at the gym, now is not the time for that. When your two hour time slot is over you must leave the gym. Remember to leave time in your workout to wipe down your equipment.

Use Chalk, Just not Ours

We have always allowed the use of chalk in our gym and we have always provided it. Unfortunately, because it is extremely difficult to disinfect, we will not be providing chalk for the next little while. Therefore, you will have to bring your own chalk if you wish to use it.

Shared Equipment

You will notice some of the shared mobility equipment has been removed, like Foam Rollers, Yoga Mats and Weighted Vests. Due to the difficulty to clean and disinfect we will no longer be providing this type of equipment. If you want to use these kinds of things in the gym fell free to bring your own. We do still have all of the hard surface mobility tools.

As the restrictions to the current global pandemic start to be lifter by our government and health organizations so to will these rules and restriction.

Thanks for your understanding and following the rules to keep everyone safe and healthy.