Team Renfrew

We are excited to announce Team Renfrew, a new addition to Renfrew for 2018. Team Renfrew is a group of athletes selected to represent Renfrew and what we stand for. Not only are the athletes on Team Renfrew among the best in their sport, they are also committed to making their sport of choice better, helping and encouraging others and helping us make Renfrew a better place to train.

Kate Galpin

Sport: Powerlifting, Age Category: Open, Weight Category: 165

Best Competition Lifts: Squat 275/Bench 176/Deadlift 375

Best Gym Lifts: Squat 300/Bench 190/Deadlift 370

Favorite Lift: Squat

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Alex Charchuk

Sport: Powerlifting, Age Category: Open, Weight Category: 242

Best Competition Lifts: Squat 700/Bench 430/Deadlift 745

Best Gym Lifts: Squat 650×3/Bench 440/Deadlift 735

Favorite Lift: Deadlift

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Eileen Du Plooy (A.K.A Destroy Du Plooy)

Sport: Powerlifting and Strongwomen, Weight Category: 72kg

Best Competition Lifts: Squat 396/Bench 204/Deadlift 424

Best Gym Lifts: Squat 385/Bench 209/Deadlift 418

Favorite Lift: Deadlift and Stones

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Kirt Silver

Sport: Body Building, Weight Category: 210lbs

Favorite Day: Chest and Back

Interesting Fact: Kirt is a internationally renowned Tattoo Artist

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Grant Connors (G Man)

Sport: Strongman, Weight Category: Heavy weight

Best Competition Lifts: Squat 800/Bench 600/Deadlift 800

Best gym Lifts: Squat 855/Bench 752/Deadlift 815

Favorite Lift: Deadlift

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