Turf Area

Agility and Battle RopesSled PullsThe 60 x 15 foot turf area is ideal for all conditioning needs, from interval or HIIT training to strongman exercises, this space has it all. Some examples of exercises this space can be used for are; short sprints, sled pulls and pushes, carrying exercises (lunges, farmers walk, etc..), tire flips, battle ropes and much more.



Main Area

Racks, benches, bikes and more DumbbellsThe main are of Renfrew Strength and Conditioning Center boasts a collection of quality equipment for all. From Bars, weights and dumbbells to bikes and rowers, this area has everything you need to meet your fitness goals. Equipment includes; barbells, tons (literally) of weight plates (including bumper plates), dumbbells, kettlebells, squat racks, lifting platforms, Bench Press bench, incline/decline benches, specialty bars, lat pulldown, pulley machine, leg press, GHR, bikes, rower and more.