If You Love It…

…KILL IT. We are excited to announce that Renfrew Strength + Conditioning Center recently became and official retailer of Rich Piana 5% Nutrition products. Yesterday our first shipment of supplements from 5% arrived and is now on our shelves.   We currently have in stock: All Day You May (Growth and Full Body Recovery) – […]

Building a Gym

Well, we’ve been opened for about a month now and things are starting to calm down a bit. We’ve been very busy getting things finalized with the setup of the gym itself and the business. While we still have lots we’d like to do, things are setup pretty much the way we want for now. […]


You’re probably wondering what will set the Renfrew Strength and Conditioning Center (RSCC) apart for other gyms in the area. Well, there are probably a few things which we will discuss in other posts, but the main thing will be equipment. The first thing you will notice when you enter the RSCC is the equipment […]

Location, Location, Location

Well, it’s official, the lease is signed, there’s no backing out now. We will be opening our doors in a section of the building located at 535 Highway #2 in Elmsdale, on (or near) September 1st. We are pretty excited about this and can’t wait to get in and start setting up, lots more to […]